Website Hosting & Service Plans

The Basics

The features below go above and beyond any standard web hosting package, but are included with all of our service plans because we consider them essential to keeping your site effective, secure, manageable, and fast.

24/7 uptime monitoring

We’ll be alerted of any connectivity issues with the site so we can quickly troubleshoot and fix any problems.

24/7 security monitoring

We’ll be alerted of any suspicious or malicious activity on the site and take immediate measures to prevent the site from being compromised or, if that’s not possible, restore and secure it from a backup.

Daily backups

Frequent backups ensure that if any problems arise that cannot be quickly resolved by other means, the site can be quickly restored to a problem-free state.

Monthly system updates

Your website operates on complex software that enables its various features, which must be updated regularly to ensure compatibility, security, and accessibility across devices and browsers.

Software licensing

Some features or functionality of your site are likely to involve paid licensing. As a member of one of our care plans, we take responsibility for these licenses, meaning you don’t have to worry about any additional costs or accounts.

Fast & secure hosting

A fast website improves your customer’s experience and your brand’s reputation and rankings in search engines. Security provides peace of mind and reliability for both you and your site’s visitors.

Email support

If you have any problems or questions, you can send them our way via email any time day or night and we’ll always respond promptly during business hours.

The Extras

Depending on your needs, we also offer plans that include these additional features to improve you search engine performance, website security, and performance.

Quarterly SEO report

Keep track of your site’s visitor activity and search engine performance over time. A quarterly report will provide an overview and highlight any problems that might be holding back your brand’s visibility on the web. We’ll provide a free quote for resolving any key problems.

Quarterly content update & feature check-in

Regular updates to your site’s content keeps it fresh and helps maintain your rankings in search engines. We’ll help you get these online and check-in on any more complex changes or additions to your web presence you might be considering.


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